I have a site since 1998. I changed more providers: cjb.net, xoom.it, tophost.it, hostmonster.com, .. then I needed a server and I chosen ovh.com, but I don’t have any time for the maintenance. So I have chosen to move all on github.com and aws.com. I started with a static web site, then a dynamic web site by server side and now a dynamic web site by client site, by a static web site with API.

leonids (2019)

For this resume and my notes, I forked a jekyll theme closed and I added some features for setting up all from configuration file or each page. I am going to fix some issues and I am waiting for sharing with the original repository all new features!

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homepage v2.0 (2019)

I wanted to simplify the front cover and a makeover is always important.

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site clone (2018)

What is an easy way to download your old web site and to convert it to a simple Jekyll theme? I forked and contributed this simple repository for downloading my simple web sites. So I converted all my old web sites.


bookmarks v3.0 (2015)

I refactored my bookmarks based on the delicious api and bootstrap theme. So I could use delicious for adding with any devices and browsering it anyways. Now it is only a jekyll theme, and delicious api does not work anymore.

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comics (2007)

This is a draft of my comics: I did not share my comic strips yet.

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homepage v1.0 (2007)

I were very easy for me to create simple web pages, so I started to share more materials and I needed a front cover.

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bookmarks v2.0 (2004)

I refactored my bookmarks based on the file exported from browser. So I could align easily any computer used with my bookmarks. Now it is only a jekyll theme, but the first commit contains the magic.

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bookmarks v1.0 (1998)

I always needed a bookmarks, so I really started with my first web pages by collecting my links of interest. I recovered only the homepage, because that single page remained online: see website link.

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