Soft skills

I act like a mother in everything I do. So in a team, I acted as a filter for the developers. I teach, learn and share everything. I confront each other for finding a better solution: more heads are better than one and it is a best practice for involving all members of a team. And for a solution, I grow it in every detail but I do not cry when it is time to leave it.

Hard skills

At the University I learned all I know about Biological and Statistics areas, and during the PhD, I started, full time, my adventure with the program languages, services and methods that have enriched my know-how (the second chart, or on the right).
I changed my skin and my role more times. I started early (1986) to write and compile a program, and I always follow the information technologies. I studied biology to get a transgenic and then I worked on genomic sequences to find small signals. In the last 15 years, every day for 8 hours or more, I have had the awesome luck for studying, playing and learning the roles of a data analyst before, a developer after and now an operator. So now I am a chimera among these roles: I catalog and I index everything, and I try to do it as automatically as possible trying to exploit existing services and paying attention to the final needs.